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Monday, November 12, 2018

2018 RIFE HANDBOOK Available NOW

The Rife Handbook
                     of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health
                Updated & Expanded 5th Edition
                                  1104 pages include References, Index, and Nine Appendices

ISBN: 9780981807522


©  2018 by Nenah Sylver, PhD


Chapter 1: The Politics of Medicine and the Nature of Health. How we get sick: Sleep and oxygen deficit, injury and inflammation, electron and nutrient deficiencies, chemical / electromagnetic toxicities, pH imbalance, pathogens and bodily responses, weather, noise pollution, emotions and beliefs. Drug damage versus effectiveness. Clinical trials and hospital procedures. Iatrogenic disease and preventable deaths. Vaccine history, damage and substitutes; reversing damage after inoculations. Big Pharma’s marriage to the FDA, other government agencies, universities. How drugs are approved, marketed, and publicized. rBGH and aspartame. Corporate-owned media, the fallacy of “peer reviewed” articles, industry ties to medical journals, the bribing of doctors. Doping our children with psychotropic drugs. How electronic media affects the brain and social development. Drugs in our food and drinking water. Big Pharma’s campaign against natural remedies, including pine oil, ephedra, and aloe vera. Natural substitutes for common drugs.

Chapter 2: The History of Pleomorphism and Inventions of Royal Raymond Rife. Life cycles of a microbe (B├ęchamp versus Pasteur). Pleomorphism proponents Virchow, Nightingale, Enderlein, Haefeli, Reich, Rosenow, Livingston-Wheeler, Naessens, Mattman. Little known facts about Royal Rife’s life, his Universal Microscope, Ray, and clinical trials. How Rife’s devices worked. John Crane, John Marsh, and the next generation of rife machines. Detailed diagrams and measurements of a pleomorphic life cycle as viewed through a modern high-resolution German microscope. Photos of Rife, colleagues, microscopes, instruments, news articles.

Chapter 3: Complementary Therapies.  Water and distillation, minerals, heavy metals. Cleaning and restoring water. Food: diets, biochemistry, metabolism, green drinks, gut flora. Factory farming, genetic engineering, irradiation, cloning. Organic, wildcrafted, heirloom, local, free range, Brix. Good and bad fats, chemicals, conditioners, preservatives, synthesized “foods.” Sweeteners: history, biochemical effects, and processing (agave syrup, xylitol stevia, more). Marijuana, hemp, coffee and chocolate. Food preparation methods and cookware. Potency and preparation of herbs. Food-based versus synthetic nutritional supplements (it’s not what you might think). Hydrogen peroxide. Ozone for drinking water, insufflation, funneling/bagging, inhalation, salve, generators, sauna. Colloidal Silver: history, properties, preparation, particle size, storage, home generators, how to use, dispelling toxicity myths and how to reverse argyria. Aerobic / anaerobic exercise and the lymph, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Physiological and emotional implications of touch, massage, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic. Fascia and Oriental medicine. Homeopathy: history, how it works, how to make your own remedies. Detoxification: liver detox, colon cleansing, sauna, clay, castor oil, activated charcoal. Light and color therapies, the pineal, SAD, lasers and LEDs, Dinshah’s Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy. Sleep, sleep-inducing food and supplements, Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT). Meditation: types of, studies, benefits.                                                         [see other side]
The Rife Handbook  (page 2)
Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions about Rife Equipment and Sessions.  Precautions and contraindications (heart condition, pacemaker / defibrillator, implants, pregnancy / nursing, blood clots, are taking pharmaceuticals / herbs, are sensitive to concentrated EM radiation). Giving sessions to infants, children, pets, farm or zoo animals. Eliminating toxic waste released by rifing. Types of machines (with and without RF); desirable traits of devices and manufacturers. Lasers and LEDs, general sweep units, frequencies on CDs and DVDs, coils. Terminology for non-engineers. Radionics. Muscle testing. How to convert to lower numbers. FAQs: rife sessions, frequency selection and microbe response, Herxheimer response, how the frequencies work and were calculated, updates on Rife technology and treatments. Special Practitioners section. Insert, “A Short Course on How to Give Yourself a Rife Session.” Diagrams and charts: waveforms, Hz conversions, Healing Response vs. Disease Crisis, more.
Chapter 5: Frequency Directory.  Alphabetical, annotated, cross-referenced list of symptoms, diseases and frequencies for rife units. Along with single, stand-alone entries are the following: Arthritis; Blood Sugar Problems; Bone and Skeleton; Brain and Nervous System, Mind and Emotions; Chemical Sensitivity / Poisoning; Dental; Ears; Eyes, Gastrointestinal Tract; Glands; Headache; Heart, Blood and Circulation; Injuries; Insect Bites; Liver and Gallbladder; Lymphatic System; Muscles;  Regeneration and Healing; Respiratory Tract; Skin; Tuberculosis; Urinary Tract; special problems of Men and Women. All types of pathogens: Bacteria; Candida, Fungi, Molds and Yeasts; Parasites, Protozoa and Worms; Viruses. Plus an all-new, comprehensive section on Cancer with nutritional support and complementary therapies. Each section includes how the body works, explanations of selected medical terms, and natural adjunctive therapies including nutrition, herbs, and compatible electromedical equipment.

Chapter 6: Creating a Better World, Inside and Out. The trauma of illness and death. The five stages of dying and the implications of letting go. Doctor support or lack of it. Politics of food and water. Legal theft and criminal commerce (when a privileged few and corporations control the world’s wealth). Corporatocracy propaganda and “front” groups. Electronic invasion of privacy. Overcoming the dominator (dominant) paradigm. Cutting edge scientific research: the interconnection of quantum particles and the human as hologram. The power of prayer, long distance healing, group intention, and healing with the heart. The Unified Field. Studies on the social effects of meditation. Changing the structure of water and our own DNA. Love as a resonance.

Nine Appendices include:    Resources  Electromedicine and Sound Therapies    Published Rife Research            Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Household Items and Safe Substitutes    Published Studies on Electropollution (EMF)    Build Your Own Footbath for Ten Dollars    Published Research in Electromedicine from the 1800s to the present
Printed / Bound Hardcover and eBook  
Hardcover.   Sturdy sewn binding.   1104 pages. 8¾ x 11¼ inches.    < 6 pounds. 2 inches thick.
MSRP: $160.00                                     25% off (shipping / handling extra):                            $120.00
The Rife Handbook eBook.  1104 pages.   Searchable, bookmarked, printable. Windows, Mac,          Android, Tablet. For two electronic devices in same clinic / household.                                            $ 59.95
Frequency Directory eBook (Chapter 5 of Rife Handbook). 252 pages. Searchable, bookmarked, printable. Windows, Mac, Android, Tablet. For two electronic devices in same clinic / household.    $ 34.95
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