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Monday, September 18, 2017

Ms. Magazine Rare First Issue - Spring 1972 Preview Issue

Front Cover of the Preview Issue

Ms. Magazine 

The magazine commenced publication in 1972.   It started as a monthly in July 1972.   

The preview issue (as shown) came out in Spring of 1972, cosequently it is often overlooked as it did not have a volume or issue number.

Publisher:  Majority Enterprises
Elizabether Forsling Harris

President:  Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem on Sisterhood
Letty Pogrebin:  On Raising Kids without Sex Roles
Sylvia Plath's Last Major Work
Women Tell the Truth aboutTheir Abortions
Jane O'Reilly on the Housewife's Moment of Truth

Table of contents

Featured in the magazine was a section entitled:  Marcia and MarviBoys and Girls, Girls and Boys, by Eve Marriam.  It was a detachable illustrated children's story (excerpted from the then forthcoming book.

Back Cover - Preview Issue

Available for purchase:   CLICK HERE