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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's Cool Inside - Yes Indeed

Sure, the summer is upon us and we've got our air-conditioning on!   Our shop is wind and solar powered, and so we can say it's cool inside but we're doing our best to move away from carbon fuels.  

It used to be something special that a place would be air-conditioned.   In fact, one of our most famous area residents, the Late President Roosevelt, had a distrust of air-conditioning.  But he probably would have been a fan of the shop.

The Carousel horse is hand-carved  and in our gift department.   

Beautiful leather bound books (from Franklin Library and Easton Press) along with decorative bindings are set off by our Cavallini Posters - which are perfect for decorating dorm rooms as well as for art projects.  You'll see our use of them throughout the shop.
Located just on the other side of the Hudson River from Roosevelt's Hyde Park Home (Dutchess County).   Ulster County is the home of several bookstores, in fact right across the street from ours is another, and our street is the home to 2 (YES TWO) chocolate shops, a couple of restaurants and right below us, is a great record shop, but fear not, there's another within steps on New Paltz's Main Street.

Cool is, and has been, something else.   The sign at the top of the blog - heralding "IT's COOL INSIDE" is now quite uncommon.   That's everyday stuff, but visitors to our shop comment about the cool books, and really like the space.

If you find us online and haven't made your way to our physical shop, you  don't get the full experience.   So we wanted to the blog to give you a taste of it!

Our rarebook area features Barrister Bookcases.   These are the classics made by Globe Wernicke.   We got them, at the same time as we picked up the carousel horse, from a woman moving to spend time with her daughter who moved to the UK.  She was amazing--in her 80's she picked up and moved the cases into the truck as she did with the horse. 

Pull up a chair and read to your hearts content.   Enjoy checking out the books, or even typing on one of our vintage typewriters -- including:

The Hermes 3000 - which has the reputation of being the Best typewriter every made -- just ask Jack Kerouac (if you could) or Larry McMurty about that machine.

Our duo-tone is beautiful to see and is a piece of functional art from the art-deco age.

Visitors to the shop are greeted by our Zebra - perhaps the only bookshop to have a store zebra.  It's incredible how many kids come into the shop and reach over and give the zebra a hug.  Always patient and steadfast.  

The Zebra has lots of friends - A Rhino, The Horse, A Huge Frog, Cast Iron Pig and check out the register for a collection of teeny tiny critters.

 We feature handmade leather journals and bags.   We've been importing them from India for sometime now and are treasured as gifts - for anyone including yourself.   The Indians who make these journals are not the same of course as the Native American who also greets our customers near the New York section of the shop, which is one of our specialties.  

Barner Books has been around for about 30 years,   Started by Jim Barner who was a writer, traveler and book lover we treasure our traditions.   The bust looks a little like Jim, but if you know who it is, we'd sure like to hear from you (we'd like to even if you don't!!).

If you make it into New Paltz, located in the lower Catskills, be sure to stop on by.   We're one of the Cool places -- and yes, on hot days it's especially true!!!

When in New Paltz (exit 18 on the New York Thruway) you might also enjoy:

  • The Mohonk Preserve located in the Shawangunks Ridge
  • The Mohonk Mountain House
  • Minnewaska State Park
  • The Gunks - Featuring World Class Climbing
  • Miles of Bike Trails - and more coming
  • Incredible views
  • The State University of New York - New Paltz Campus
  • Huegonot Street - New Paltz's founders came here for religious freedom and to start a new life -- the arrived in 1678, making this New Paltz street one of the Oldest in the USA.
  • Walkway over the Hudson is about 5 Miles away and is a State Park pedestrian bridge 250' above the Hudson River!  

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