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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Oh for the life of the Bookseller

Oh, for the life of the Bookseller

A much storied and idealized life - the Bookshop owner.

Here is a job that puts you in contact with great ideas and the finest writing and deepest thoughts and emotions imaginable.   The work that the shop owner handles represents the life work of so many individuals encapsulated into a few pages of paper.   Walking down the aisles of the shop one is surrounded by a literal who is who list.

And that's not all.

In though the doors walk the customers who live lives that one can only imagine that the great story tellers would have relished the chance to understand and memorialize.

All that and more has resulted in people having fantasies about the life of the bookseller.

Oh, but if they only knew!

We were inspired by one of our bookscouts who brought us a small card from a now defunct bookshop - the card simply said:  "Buy a Fucking Book."

So moved were we that we took the concept and developed it into a post card - suitable for mailing or framing.   

It has become something of a hit, perhaps only by me, but a hit none-the-less.

You can get your by stopping in the shop or order a six-pack of them from us.

Click  "Buy a Fucking Book." or click the image below to be taken to our website order page - and hey, why not check out some of our books while you're there!

 Barner Books Exclusive - Buy a Fucking Book

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