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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Conan Set in Deluxe Editions by Donald M. Grant Illustrated

The Conan Series 

by Robert E. Howard

Set published by Donald M. Grant (various dates)

Donald Grant was a well known publisher of Science Fiction/Fantasy.   He published a range of work by Robert E. Howard, and among the titles published were 11 books from the Conan series.  

The Deluxe Series was done in a limited edition, quality paper, and with high quality color illustrations (old style pasted onto paper images).

There is also unique art on the page facing the title page for some of the books.

Books/Publication Date/Illustrator Include

The People of the Black Circle; 1974; Illustrated by David Ireland

Red Nails; 1975; Illustrated by George Barr

A Witch Shall Be Born; 1975;  Illustrated by Alicia Austin

The Devil in Iron; 1976;  Illustrated by Dan Green

Queen of the Black Coast; 1978; Illustrated by Michael R. Hague

Rogues in the House; 1976; Illustrated by Marcus Boas

Black Colosus & Shadows in the Moonlight;
1979;  Illustrated by Ned Dameron

The Tower of the Elephant; 1975  Illustrated by Richard Roberston

The Pool of the Black One; 1986;  Illustrated by Hank James

The Hour of the Dragon; 1989;  Illustrated by Ezra Tucker

Jewels of Gwahlur; 1979;  Illustrated by Dean Morrissey

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Monday, September 1, 2014

SCI-FI ROYALTY Signed Program Book

The Fifth World Fantasy Convention 

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Royalty meet in 1979 in Providence RI

Convention program SIGNED by many of the participants

Very rare and collectible piece.   Unique.

Includes Hand Signed Signatures by the following (there are others as well, but some are hard to decipher)

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Shirley A. Grant
Dick Ryan
H. Warmer Munn
Roy G. Krembal
Dennis Etchinson
Fritz Leiber
Andrew J. Offutt

Chales l. Grant

Charles M. Collins
Stephen King
Stephen Donaldson
Randy Broeker

Gahan Wilson
Chriss Steinbrunner

Andrew J. Offutt
Roy A. Squires
Joseph Payne Brennan
Ramsey Campbell
William F. Nolan
Bob Randin
Robert Watson
Dirk Mosig
Frank Belknap Long
Robin Storesund
Jodie Offutt
Dean Morrissey
Don Maitz

Galad Elflandsson collected the signatures and the program includes a certificate of Authenticity of all signatures included.  Galad introduced his book at this convention and subsequently hosted the 10th World Fantasy Convention.

  • Program includes tributes to:
  • Stephen King by Charles L. Grant
  • Frank Belknap Long, by Joseph Payne Brennan
  • Michael Whelan, by Don Maitz