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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Poster Hanging Season has begun!

Back to School 

Time to put posters up on the wall

One of the rituals that students go through every year is deciding on what to do to make a sterile space their own.

Allie and I just dropped of Connor, the youngest of the clan at college.   Walking in his dorm room on the 9th floor of FIT in New York City  takes me back to the day I walked into my dorm room on the 10th floor at at the University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire) -- back 44 years ago.

Strikingly, the rooms look pretty much the same.   Gone is the phone on the wall.   I suppose it will soon be an item in a museum where kids will ask "what is that thing."  It may become the same kind of item that typewriters seem to have become.  Interesting decorations, that catch attention and a little admiration, before turning back to the text message.    Present now of course are the connection boxes for internet access.   Oh how I wish I had one of those back all those years ago.

Amazingly, the dorm room is still pretty much the same room that it historically has been.   I suppose there aren't many contests to design the most interesting dorm space in architecture schools.   Consequently, it remains space ripe for giving it some personality.   

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to give your room the "look" and the distinction it deserves is through hanging a few posters, particularly if they come from Barner Books.

We've added tons of posters to the shop just in time for the season and have them available online as well -- Check out our poster collection online

I've been an admirer of Cavallini Papers for sometime.  Their quality and affordability are strong, but even better are the vintage designs that they offer.

They probably have 50 different designs of posters.   They actually market them as "wrap" but it's hard to imagine using this sturdy Italian made paper to wrap up anything, except perhaps, a dorm room.  

I guess I'm a bit nostalgic for my old 10th floor abode in Towers Hall.   I can envision it now.  I'd go wild and make it a real statement of who I am.   Bicycles, maps, books, and typewriters.   Whoever walked in would be instantly greeted by these statements of personal choice and conviction.   They'd know me for who my walls said I am.   They'd say, hey this guy is something else!   Oops, I think I got a little carried away there.

But the fact remains, we give representation of who we are through our choices and what we show the world as we know it

Our Books
Our Music
Our Beliefs
And our Art!

Have a good year, and when in New Paltz stop by and see us.

And don't forget the posters (which you can get by clicking here!)

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