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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Trudeau, Essex County, N.Y.

The Trudeau Sanatorium was established for the treatment of Tuberculosis.

The following images and information about the Sanatorium was pulled from a "promotional" brochure printed in 1943.

The Sanatorium Opened in 1884 - initially one cottage for 2 patients.

Front Cover

At the time of the publication of this brochure the population was about 200.

Typical stay in the Sanatorium was 6 months.

The Sanatorium was closed in 1954 when antibiotics were found that effectively ended Tuberculosis.   The property was sold in about 1957.   

In 1995 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Administration Building Lobby-Dinning Room In Background

Cost of Serive was subsisdised resulting in these rates posted in the brochure

$16 per week for Room and Board

$5 fee for all routine Laboratory Fees (paid at admission)

Back Brochure Cover - Mellon Library

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Conan Set in Deluxe Editions by Donald M. Grant Illustrated

The Conan Series 

by Robert E. Howard

Set published by Donald M. Grant (various dates)

Donald Grant was a well known publisher of Science Fiction/Fantasy.   He published a range of work by Robert E. Howard, and among the titles published were 11 books from the Conan series.  

The Deluxe Series was done in a limited edition, quality paper, and with high quality color illustrations (old style pasted onto paper images).

There is also unique art on the page facing the title page for some of the books.

Books/Publication Date/Illustrator Include

The People of the Black Circle; 1974; Illustrated by David Ireland

Red Nails; 1975; Illustrated by George Barr

A Witch Shall Be Born; 1975;  Illustrated by Alicia Austin

The Devil in Iron; 1976;  Illustrated by Dan Green

Queen of the Black Coast; 1978; Illustrated by Michael R. Hague

Rogues in the House; 1976; Illustrated by Marcus Boas

Black Colosus & Shadows in the Moonlight;
1979;  Illustrated by Ned Dameron

The Tower of the Elephant; 1975  Illustrated by Richard Roberston

The Pool of the Black One; 1986;  Illustrated by Hank James

The Hour of the Dragon; 1989;  Illustrated by Ezra Tucker

Jewels of Gwahlur; 1979;  Illustrated by Dean Morrissey

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Monday, September 1, 2014

SCI-FI ROYALTY Signed Program Book

The Fifth World Fantasy Convention 

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Royalty meet in 1979 in Providence RI

Convention program SIGNED by many of the participants

Very rare and collectible piece.   Unique.

Includes Hand Signed Signatures by the following (there are others as well, but some are hard to decipher)

Contact us, (click here for emal) for information on purchasing this incredible document - or see our posting on ebay by clicking here.

Shirley A. Grant
Dick Ryan
H. Warmer Munn
Roy G. Krembal
Dennis Etchinson
Fritz Leiber
Andrew J. Offutt

Chales l. Grant

Charles M. Collins
Stephen King
Stephen Donaldson
Randy Broeker

Gahan Wilson
Chriss Steinbrunner

Andrew J. Offutt
Roy A. Squires
Joseph Payne Brennan
Ramsey Campbell
William F. Nolan
Bob Randin
Robert Watson
Dirk Mosig
Frank Belknap Long
Robin Storesund
Jodie Offutt
Dean Morrissey
Don Maitz

Galad Elflandsson collected the signatures and the program includes a certificate of Authenticity of all signatures included.  Galad introduced his book at this convention and subsequently hosted the 10th World Fantasy Convention.

  • Program includes tributes to:
  • Stephen King by Charles L. Grant
  • Frank Belknap Long, by Joseph Payne Brennan
  • Michael Whelan, by Don Maitz

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Poster Hanging Season has begun!

Back to School 

Time to put posters up on the wall

One of the rituals that students go through every year is deciding on what to do to make a sterile space their own.

Allie and I just dropped of Connor, the youngest of the clan at college.   Walking in his dorm room on the 9th floor of FIT in New York City  takes me back to the day I walked into my dorm room on the 10th floor at at the University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire) -- back 44 years ago.

Strikingly, the rooms look pretty much the same.   Gone is the phone on the wall.   I suppose it will soon be an item in a museum where kids will ask "what is that thing."  It may become the same kind of item that typewriters seem to have become.  Interesting decorations, that catch attention and a little admiration, before turning back to the text message.    Present now of course are the connection boxes for internet access.   Oh how I wish I had one of those back all those years ago.

Amazingly, the dorm room is still pretty much the same room that it historically has been.   I suppose there aren't many contests to design the most interesting dorm space in architecture schools.   Consequently, it remains space ripe for giving it some personality.   

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to give your room the "look" and the distinction it deserves is through hanging a few posters, particularly if they come from Barner Books.

We've added tons of posters to the shop just in time for the season and have them available online as well -- Check out our poster collection online

I've been an admirer of Cavallini Papers for sometime.  Their quality and affordability are strong, but even better are the vintage designs that they offer.

They probably have 50 different designs of posters.   They actually market them as "wrap" but it's hard to imagine using this sturdy Italian made paper to wrap up anything, except perhaps, a dorm room.  

I guess I'm a bit nostalgic for my old 10th floor abode in Towers Hall.   I can envision it now.  I'd go wild and make it a real statement of who I am.   Bicycles, maps, books, and typewriters.   Whoever walked in would be instantly greeted by these statements of personal choice and conviction.   They'd know me for who my walls said I am.   They'd say, hey this guy is something else!   Oops, I think I got a little carried away there.

But the fact remains, we give representation of who we are through our choices and what we show the world as we know it

Our Books
Our Music
Our Beliefs
And our Art!

Have a good year, and when in New Paltz stop by and see us.

And don't forget the posters (which you can get by clicking here!)

Monday, April 28, 2014

The PicoPen - Our Top Rated Keychain Pen

Our FAVORITE Keychain Pen
The TecAccessories PICOPEN!

The PicoPen is a small attatchable keychain pen.   It features and ingenious system of a magnetized holder so the attached keychain and pen are together and available when you want them to be.   It's a sweek pen system.

Looking for a functional and stylish pen that is actually small enough to fit on your keychain? With the PicoPen, you can have a fine writing instrument with you whenever you need one. At less than 3 inches long and weighing under 1/4 ounce, you'll never know it's there until you reach for it. Tough yet elegant, you'll get a lifetime of use from this unique personal accessory. It's the keychain pen you can attach anywhere!
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Unique magnetic cap closure for one-handed operation
  • Includes accessories for attaching to any number of convenient places
    • Keychain
    • Travel bag
    • Purse
    • Golf bag
    • Belt loop
    • Backpack
  • Uses a common replaceable ink refill
  • Packaged in a foam-lined case, perfect for gift-giving!

  • Size: Less than 3" long (including cap). Pen body is 3/16" in diameter
  • Weight: Less than 1/4 ounce
  • Cap and body are constructed of stainless steel for many years of use
  • Ink refill is a common "multi-pen" size available at your local stationary store (also available on our web site)
  • The cap contains a rare earth magnet that holds the pen in place. To remove the pen, simply pull it from the cap
  • Ink refill replacement is simple, pull it out from the pen body and push in the new one. The integrated micro grip insert holds the refill in place.
  • What you get:
    • PicoPen with ink refill
    • Snap ring for quick attachment/removal
    • 12 mm split ring
    • Foam-lined case

1st Place Winner in an independent review of Keychain Pens bu Al Medrano 

"The PicoPen has a wonderfully 
sleek design. It has the smallest 
footprint (size and volume) among 
those studied (except for the Swiss 
Army Victorinox). The inventive 
magnetic coupling concept makes 
this a "one hand" operation for 
detachment. Made of stainless 
steel, it is rugged enough to take a 
lot of punishment." 

The pen is available in the shop 
     Stop by Barner Books to pick one up

Available online --- CLICK HERE

Friday, April 18, 2014

Blackwings Pencils are available at our shop in New Paltz--Call  (845-255-2635) or stop in the shop.  We're happy to ship!

If you wish to purchase online, check out our special page on Blackwings -- you can shop with us, or purchase them on Amazon.  

 CLICK HERE to go to our Blackwing Page


Long storied with a huge cult following, the Blackwing was developed by Eberhrard Faber Pencils.

The company discontinued production of the Blackwing in 1998.   Several of the people who were adherents of the brand attempted to have Ebrerhard Faber reintroduce the brand however the company decided not to do so.

The pencil had attracted a wide following and well know artists and authors were among the people who ultimately drove the pencil into stardom.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Stephen Sondheim
  • Chuck Jones
  • John Steinbeck
  • Quincy Jones

The 602 developed the reputation of being the finest pencil ever made.   It's graphite core combined with a mixture of clay resulted in the pencil requiring far less effort than the traditional pencil and a style and design that made it an item of contemporary functional art.

Because of the formulation of the graphite the pencil earns the reputation of:  "Half The Pressure and Twice the Speed."

California Cedar reintroduced Blackwings in 2010  to favorable reviews.  In 2011 the company reintroduced the "602" which was a strong remake of the original and many feel that it stands up to its reputation of the World's Finest Pencil.

Barner Books of New Paltz has been offering the pencils to its customers in the New Paltz store as well as online.   Because of popular demand along with a dedication to wanting people to experience the three models available, Barner now offers the pencils in a three pack (one of each) or a deluxe gift box which includes 12 pencils (4 of each style).

The three Palomino Blackwing Pencils include:

  • The Blackwing - Soft and Smooth
  • The Blackwing 602 - Firm and Smooth
  • The Pearl - Balanced and Smooth

Barner Offers the Sampler pack of the Blackwing (1 of each pencil)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dance Ink Magazine - Short Lived Contemporary Dance Quarterly 1990-1995

Quarterly Publication from 1990 - 1995

Short lived publication dedicated to conemporary dance.   Won various awards. Each issue included photography and reviews of dance and dance related topics.

We're pleased to list here a collection of the magazines (nearly complete) with contents.   

The Journal/Quarterly was edited by Lise Friedman

Published by:  Dance Ink, Inc.

We had a set as pictured -- it has sold.

Volume One, Number One:  May/June 1990

  • The Wrong Side of the Bed:  Confessions of a Crabby Critic; by Burt Supree
  • A Conversation with Merce Cunningham; By Marcia B. Siegel
  • A Duet is More than Two People Dancing; by Sally Sommer
  • Alvin Ailey:  A Life in Dance; By Lise Friedman
  • Dancing on Broadway; by Margaret Eginton
  • Free Fall; By Lois Greenfield
  • From the Heart of the Artist; Compiled by Wendy Perron
  • Animating Spirit; by Stephen Greco

Volume One, Number Two:  December 1990

  •  Letter from Europe; by Allen Roberston
  • Imagining dance; by Joan Acocella
  • Inside Out; by Sally Sommer
  • Breaking Bounds; by Lois Greenfield
  • Shelly Washington: Ballet Mistress; an interview conducted by Margaret Eginton
  • The Heart of the Artist; Compiled by Wendy Perron
  • Dancenoise; by Chris Callis
  • Josephine Bake:  The Dnace  by Margo Jefferson
  • Taking on Real Life:  Speaking Through Your Art; by Burt Supree

Volume Two; Number One;   April 1991

  • You Say "Potahto" by Joan Aocella
  • Improvisation on a Sphere; by Lois Greenfield
  • The Eye of the Observer; Compiled by Margaret Egninton
  • What's a Poor artist to Do?  by Stephen Greco
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of artistic Freedom; by Bella Lewitzky
  • Trisha Brown Comes Down to Earth;  by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Circadian Circle; Photographed by Mark Hanauer
  • All Dolled Up; by Tobi Tobias

Volume Two; Number Two  July/August 1991

  •  Mark Morris Comes Home; by Nancy Dalva
  • Four Dancers; by Josef Astor
  • Part of the Problem; Joan Acocella
  • The Heart of the Artist; Compiled by Wendy Perron
  • Maggie Black:  Grande Dame of Dance; by Valerie Gladstone
  • Joy Rides; by Tobi Tobias
  • Senta Driver Takes the Plunge;  An Interview Conducted by Margaret Eginton

Volume Two; Number 3   Winter 1991-1992

  • Framing the Dance;  by Victoria Geibel
  • Dancing in Leaner Times; by Sally Banes
  • Making Comes Before Matching; by Adam Gopnik
  • Inner Life:  Molissa Fenley; by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
  • Looking Backward; by Tobi Tobias
  • The Dancer; by Michael Hurson
  • Armchair Explorer:  Patrolling the Universe with Meriedith Monk; by Marcia B. Siegel
  • Dancing:  Through the artist's Eye; by Anne Tobias

Volume 3; Number 2   Summer 1992

  • Dysfunctional Dance; by Anne Tobias
  • How Critics Work;  Joan Acocella
  • Duo; Judith Shea
  • A Company of Choice; Elizabeth Kendall
  • Why a Swan?  by Alastair Macaulay
  • Photo Essay:  Jamie Bishton;  Andrew Eccles
  • Subtler and More Lasting Shapes;  by Tobi Tobias
  • Elena Sherstnova; by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Photograph:  Tere O'Connor; by John Schlesinger

Volume 3; Number 3   Fall 1992

  • Notes on the Fred Step;  by Alastair Macaulay
  • Getting to Know You; by Nancy Dalva
  • Photo Essay:  Lula and Tamica Washington; by Mark Hanauer
  • Nureyev; by Elizabeth Kaye
  • Photo Essay:  Peggy Baker; by Josef astor
  • A Ballet's Best Friend;  by Marcia B. Siegel
  • Untitled; by Joel Shapiro
  • Father Knows Best; by Joan Acocella
  • Nikolaj Hubbe:  The Voyage Out; by Tobi Tobias

Volume 3; Number 4  Winter 1992

  •  John Cage; by Nancy Dalva
  • An Avid Dream of Transformation; by Margo Jefferson
  • Drawings; by Claes Oldenburg
  • Going Solo; by Sally Banes
  • Matisse; by Robert Greskovic
  • Eyewitness; by Tobi Tobias
  • Crossings:  Notes from a Pacific Journey; by Marcia B. Siegel
  • David Rousseve; by William Harris
  • Dance Costumes; by Anne Hollander
  • Dream Girls; by Nancy Dalva

Volume 4; Number 1   Spring 1993

  • The Sound of the Movement; by Sally Sommer
  • Judith Flex; by Mark Hanauer
  • Worldly Pleasures; by Tobi Tobias
  • Project for Dance Ink, 1993; Ginzel and Jones
  • Translations; by Marcia B. Siegel
  • The New French Revolution; by Valerie Gladstone
  • Joseph Lennon and Dennis O'Connor; by Guzman
  • The Reappearance of the Past; by Gay Morris
  • The Language of Community; by Bill Deresiewicz
  • Margie Gillis; by Caroline Kahn

Volume 4; Number 3  Fall 1993

  • The Arresting Movement:  The Photgraphs of Martin Munkacsi; by Dale Harris
  • Aids Onstage; by Wendell Ricketts
  • An Ear for Movembnt; by Margo Jefferson
  • Boodblocks; by Mel Kendrick
  • Lost Dances; by Tobi Tobias
  • Alexandre Proia; by K. C. Bailey
  • The Course of Events; by Mindy Aloff
  • Diamanda Galas; by William Harris
  • Three Choreographers; by Nadia Feder
  • Brassai's Mirror; by Tobi Tobias

Volume 4; Number 4   Winter 1993/94

  • Helmut Hates Ballet; by Jean Nathan
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov:  A Dnacer on the Brink; by Vera Krassovskaya
  • Keds; by Roy Lichtenstein
  • Memories of Joseph Cornell:  An Interview with Allegra Kent; by Midy Aloff
  • Western Dreams; by Tobi Tobias
  • Lance Gries; by Stewart Shining
  • Elizabeth of the Anchorage; by Nancy Dalva
  • Besie's Way; by Anne Tobias
  • Three Dancers; by Joh Chan and Josef Astor
  • Etienne-Jules Marey; Le Saut a la Perche; by Tobi Tobias

Volume 5, Number 1    Spring 1994

  • Twyla Tharp; by Nancy Dalva
  • Merce Cuningham:  A Tribute; by Nancy Dalva
  • Merce Cunningham and company; by Duane Michaels
  • Revelations; by Mindy Aloff
  • Directrs' Drawings;  Time Burton; Federico Fellini, John Huston, Akira Kurosawa
  • Trisha Brown and Robert Rauschenberg; by Jim Eigo
  • Zigzag; by Tobi Tobias
  • Sarah Skaggs; by Richard Dunkley
  • Words and Images; by Robert Wilson
  • Red Shoes; by Marcia B. Siegel

Volume 5, Number 2   Summer 1994

  • The Many Worlds of Herbert Foss; by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Do You Love Me (Now that I can Dance)?  by Richard B. Woodward
  • The Words to Say it;  by Craig Bromberg
  • Susan Marshall:  A Place Beyond Words; by Anne Tobias
  • Amy Pivar; by Caroline Kahn
  • Holly Brubach's Grand Jete Across Forty-Third Street; by Jean Nathan
  • Hubbe/Whelan by Richard Dunkley
  • Simons/Daniels; by Andrea Blanch
  • Seventh Regiment Armory Ball; by Mindy Aloff
  • Climate of Thought; by Adam Copnik
  • Light Matters; by Nancy Dalva

Volume 5, Number 3   Fall 1994 (larger Format Journal)

  • Swan Song for Nureyev; by Patti Smith
  • Tamara Toumanova; by Wendy Lesser
  • Ralph Lemon, by Craig Bromberg
  • Julio Gonzalez; by Nancy Reynolds
  • Kathy Rose; by Don McDonagh
  • La Ronde; by Nancy Dalva
  • Body Language; by Richard B. Woodward
  • Silent Moves; by Margo Jefferson
  • On the Tracks; by Tobi Tobias
  • Keyed Up; by Torene Svitil
  • Eileen Thomas; by Josef Astor
  • The Rules of the Game; by Tobi Tobias

Volume 5, Number 4   Winter 1994/95

  • A Man of the Cloth; by Tobi Tobias
  • Check Your Body at the Door; by Sally Sommer
  • Eros and the Moderns; by Elizabeth Kendall
  • 10 Things; by Nancy Dalva
  • The Pleasure Principle; by Richrd B. Woodward
  • Boal, Albert Evans; Stewart Shining & Andrew Eccles
  • Emile Ardolino; by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Ape & Cat (At the Dance); by Jim Dine
  • Saul Steinberg's Tango; by Stephanie Stebich
  • Johanthan Burrows; by Allen Robertson
  • Neil Greenberg; by William Harris
  • Ltte Berk; by Jean Nathan
  • Man Ray; by Margo Jefferson
  • Shots in the Dark; by Tobi Tobias

Volume 6, Number 1    Sprint 1995

  • Twyla Tharp at ABT; by Duane Michals & Nancy Dalva
  • Showman; by Peter Anastos
  • The Art of Seduction; by Jean Nathan
  • Story, Tale of a Dance and A Tour; by Merce Cunningham
  • Painters Look; by Mark Tansey
  • Dada; by Max Erstwhile
  • Portraits; by John Dugdale
  • Tony Kushner; by William Harris
  • Larry Kramer; by William Harris
  • Fall on Me, Icarus; by Michael Duncan
  • Ballet in no Longer Woman; by Elizabeth Kaye
  • Susan Jaffe, Modern Dancer; by Elizabeth Kaye
  • Frederic Gafner; by Josef Astor

Volume 6, Number 2    Summer 1995

  • Esther Williams; by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Louise Dahl-Wolfe; by Rika Burnham
  • Geoffrey Been; by Nancy Dalva
  • Store:  Tal of a Dance and A Tour; by Merce Cunningham
  • Eillen Gray; by Tobi Tobias
  • Madame Gres; by Anne Hollander
  • Annabelle Gamson; by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Lori Belilove & Dancers; by Marcia Lippman
  • Dennis O"Connor; by Stewrat Shining
  • Issey Miyake; by Margo Jefferson
  • Is Dance Dead??