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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week

Celebrating the Freedom to Read
September 30 - October 6, 2012

Check out the the Banned Books Website for information

We at Barner celebrate books every day - and banned books weeks gives us a chance to reflect on society's need to control and limit rather than expand knowledge.

Stop on by the store and check out some great reads--including many books that have historically been banned.

We are also pleased to offer bracelets and pins celebrating the right to read

The bracelets and pins are available in the shop or you can order right here and we'll get it out to you.

Artist:  Carolyn Forsman

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Monday, July 23, 2012

AVANT GARDE - Magazine A complete Run of 14 Issues

Avant Garde Magazine was published between January 1968 and July 1971.   During it's short run it had featured literary articles, commentary,  art and photography by influential writers and artists of the era.   

The magazine was edited by Ralph Ginzburg

Format:  Paperback.  About 11" x 11"

The "Avant Garde" type style was developed for the magazine and continues to be in popular usage.

The Magazines are becoming more difficult to find.   The following shows the cover art for each of the 14 volumes along with the the content of each.

A Complete set of Avant Garde is currently Available from Barner Books.

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January 1968

  • What Makes Nixon Run by Warren Boroson
  • Galahad's Pad by Julio Mitchel
  • The Hate Mail of Captain Levy
  • Let's Retire our most Overworked Four-letter Word by Professor L. Eric Hotaling
  • Richard Lindner:  The Rubens of the Love Generation
  • The Slaughter of Civilians for Sport by U.S. Pilots by First Lietenant Thomas F. Loflin II
  • An Obscenity Bust in-Would You Believe?-India by Malay Roy Choudhury
  • Drawings by Muhammad Ali
  • "Believe in God:  You Have Teeth" by S.H. Margalith
  • The Fugs:  Nextness is Godlier than Cleanliness by Martin Cohen
  • Metamorphic Jewelry:  The Last Word in Found-Object Art  Photographs by Ryszrd Horowitz
  • God Love Poem by Lenore Kandel
  • "Ice" By Richard L Lindner (Cover)

VOLUME 2 (Marilyn Monroe)

March 1968

  • The Marilyn Monroe Trip - A Portfolio of Serigraphs by Bert Stein
  • Walter Bowart:  Mild-Mannered Editor by Tom Hyman
  • Prof. Einstein to Dr. Freud:  "Can We Eliminate War?"
  • The Passion of Norman F. Dace by Norman F. Dacey
  • Orphan of the Flood by Mitchell Wojtycki
  • The Erotic Tomb Sculptures of Madagascar Photographs by Sarajane Archdeacon
  • "Avant Garde's" No More War!" Poster Contest
  • Peace Movement by Gary Youree
  • Picasso:  The Artist as an Eternally Young Man by Brian Fitzherbert
  • The Visitor by Roald Dahl

 VOLUME 3 (Revamping the Dollar)

May 1968

  • Revaluation of the Dollar - 19 Artists Design a New Dollar Bill
  • Paul Krassner:  Apostle of the Put-on  by Fred Powledge
  • Andy's Girls Photographs by Lee Kraf
  • "Was it Good for You, Too?" by Dan Greenburg
  • The Future of Criminal Law by Karl Menninger, M.D.
  • The First Church of Love
  • The Taming of Denise Gondelman by Norman Mailer
  • Astrological Automobiles Drawings by Francois Dallegret
  • Prolegomena to a Study of the Erotic Film by Frank A. Hoffmann
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brown go Walking Photographs by Julio Mitchel
  • The Prison Poems of Ho Chi Minh  Introduction and Translation by Kenneth Rexroth
  • Avant-Garde's "No More War!" Poster Contest
  • Dollar Bill Designs on Cover by Tom Carnese, Gerry Gersten and Herb Lubalin


September 1968

  • Front Lines Letters to the Editor
  • Amnesty Now
  • Playhouse of the Ridiculous Photographs by Eliot Elisofon
  • WBAI:  Switched-on Radio by Fred Powledge
  • Poetry by Computer
  • Leroi Jones:  Poet Laureate of the Black Revolt by Peter Schjeldah
  • The Strange World of George Tooker
  • Voodoo Lives! Photographs by Lee Kraft
  • Please Don't Kill Anything by Arthur Miller
  • The Battle Hymn of Jeffrey Weinper by PFC Jeffrey Weinper
  • I Remember superman by Francesca Milano
  • '69:  A Great Year Any Way You Look at It  Photographs by Horn/Griner


November 1968

  • Front Lines
  • Letters to the Editor
  • "No More War!" Posters
  • In the White House Doghouse by Ralph Schoenstein
  • On the Psychology of the World Order by Jerome Frank M.D.
  • Tom Wesselman:  Pleasure Painter
  • The Sears Catalogue:  A Book Review by Eric Hotaling
  • Son of "Hair" Photographs by Roger Denim
  • Ron Cobb:  Daumier of the New Left
  • The Honorable Discharge of Pvt. Sam by Gary Youree
  • Living High on the Hog Farm Photographs by Julian Wasser
  • Brain Damage:  Sorcery as Art Photogrpahs by Ira Cohen and Bill Deovre
  • Seascape #17 by Tom Wesselman (Cover) 


January 1969

  • In Full Bloom (Cover) Photograph by Dewayne Dalrymple
  • Front Lines
  • Letters to the Editor
  • And Now:  The Evolution Revolution by R. Michael Davidson
  • Melle's Melees
  • Breaking Out:  A Black Manifesto by Dick Gregory
  • Tomorrow's Classics by Leslie M. Pockell
  • Phil Ochs: Kipling of the New Left by Peter Schjeldahl
  • The President's Golden Zipper by Fred Rayfield
  • The Sexual Revolution:  A Running Commentary Photographs by Ralph M. Hattersely Jr.
  • Sylvan Hart is Alive and Well in the Wilderness by J. Randal
  • My Father-To-Be-Ness and You by Robert Joe Stout
  • The Last Act by Roald Dahl
  • Gas Over Madison Avenue by Gordon Carlson


March 1969

  • "The Spirit of 1976" (Cover) Photograph by Carl Fischer
  • Front Lines
  • Toward a New Spirit of '76 Compiled by Leslie M. Pockell
  • The Decline and Fall of the Female Breast by Warren Boroson
  • Appeal of Folk Singing:  A Landmark Opinion by Justice William O. Douglas
  • The Black Power Failure by James R. Schofield
  • Paul Wunderlich's Painted Women
  • Thoughts of Chairman Jerry by Peter Schjeldahl
  • The Satyricon of a Petronius:  A New Take by Edgar A. Bunning
  • Sculpture A La Rorschach Photographs by William Watkins
  • Pennebaker:  truth at 24 Frames Per Second by Hal J. Seldes
  • O Precious Balls, Farewell!  by Jean Gent
  • The Demise of Death by R. Michael Davidson
  • Pussy Galore!  Cat Drawings of Guy Bourdin

VOLUME 8 (Picasso's Erotic Gravures)

September 1969

  • Introduction
  • The Artist and His Model
  • The Circus
  • The Brothel
  • The Voyeur
  • The Muses
  • The Orgy


November 1969

  • Front Lines
  • Letters to the Editor
  • America in Distress by Nobel Laureate George Wald
  • Fuch's Femmes Fatales
  • The Defense of Adolescents by Warren Boroson
  • Deserted Island Photographs by Wilton S. Tifft
  • Convention:  A Play by Dan Greenburg
  • John & Yoko in Concert by Irma Kurtz
  • She Stoops to Conquer  Photographs by Gunter Rambow
  • Is the Red Cross Pro-Nazi?  by Warren Boroson
  • Beasts in Love:  Three Poems by D. H. Lawrence
  • Jews, Catholics, and Protestants Compared by Warner Brown
  • Ultra Violet in Infra-Red photographs by Eliot Elisofon
  • Samson and the Harlot in Gaza (Cover) by Ernst Fuchs


January 1970

  • Heliotrope (Cover) by Thomas Weir
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The Dr. Who Called the A.M.A. The "American Murder Assn." by Warner Brown
  • The Most Hated Man in America by Leslie M. Pockell
  • The Virgin Forest Photographs by Thomas Weir
  • The Handwriting on the Wall by Warren Boroson
  • Democracy by Telephone by Vincent Campbell
  • Israel Captured Photographs Compiled by Cornell Capa
  • Hundertwasser:  Postcards from Pandemonium
  • The Bigger they Are, The Harder I Fall by Max Hess

VOLUME 11  (Wedded Bliss:  A Portfolio of Erotic Lithographs by John Lennon)

March 1970

  • Lotus (Cover) Lithograph by John Lennon
  • Front Lines
  • Letters to The Editor
  • Wedded Bliss:  A Portfolio of Erotic Lithographs by John Lennon
  • The Sins of Their Fathers Compiled by Diane E. Bente
  • The Case for Extending the School Year by Warren Boroson
  • Gustav Klimt:  Lost and Found
  • Coming:  Molecular Mastery of the Brain by David M. Rorvick
  • A Day for a Lay  by W. H. Auden
  • The World's Most Powerful Critic by Ted Townsend
  • Oragenitalism:  A Book Review  by Anatole Lerer
  • The Silent Majority Photographs by Julio Mitchel
  • Wasted Yen by Ralph Schoenstein
  • Thalidomide, Cyclamates, and Now. . .Caffeine?  by Warner Brown
  • Behind the Lines by Jeanne Devires


May 1970

  • Front Lines
  • Dial-A-Hawk:  A Ringing New Form of Antiwar Protest
  • Laid on Fire Island by Gary Youree
  • The Mystery of Jorgen Boberg
  • The Second Most Hated Johnson in America by Warren Boroson
  • Bell's Belles Photographs by Hugh Bell
  • The Gang-Bang on the Underground Press
  • Why "Hair" Has Become a Four Letter Word by Warner Brown
  • Jack the Raper Third in a Series Entitled "The Lust Battalion"
  • Letters to the Editor

VOLUME 13 (Portraits of the American People)

Spring 1971


Special Issue:  Photographs by Alwyn Scott Turner


Summer 1971

  • Hommage A L'Ecole Fountainbleau (COVER) by Lambert Wintersberger
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The Sexual Symbolism of the American Flag by Warner Brown
  • High Times Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark
  • "The Machine I Hate the Most"  Compiled by Dorothy Bates
  • Madness to His Method Paintings by Dieter Schwertberger
  • Strong Medicine by Warren Boroson
  • Concerning the Mais of Brobdingnag by Lemuel Gulliver (as told to M. S. Winecoff)
  • Way out Westbeth Photographs by Leonard Freed
  • On the Septuaquinquennia of Psychoanalysis by Frederick L. Boyle
  • Belles-Lettres by Anna and Anthon Beeke, Peter Brattinga, Ed Van Der Elsken, and Geert Kooiman
  • Unwinding in London by Seymour Krim