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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banned Books Week - Show You're an Independent Reader and Thinker

Banned books week started on September 24 and goes until October 1.

Order a bracelet - show you're an independent reader and thinker! 

So many great books have been seen as wrong, negative, or not having the "right" stuff for a specific community that it got banned.   While it almost always helps the author to have a banned book, it doesn't really help our sense of freedom and having a society of free interchange of ideas.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of books that have been banned.   They are some of our best sellers.

We also are pleased to offer a bracelet that artist Carolyn Forsman designed.   It celebrates reading along with promoting some of the titles that have been banned (it's a rather surprising list).

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Paltz High School Asks for Book Donation

The New Paltz High School recently implemented a new program that they hope will increase student literacy and improve writing skills. After a few local students stopped by Barner Books this week, they explained that the school hopes to conduct SSR, or Sustained Silent Reading, in which students will have at least 15 minutes of silent reading for pleasure. Research and testimonials have shown that there has been much success with such programs. Barner Books will be contributing by donating books to this worthy action.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leonard Baskin Miniature Masterpiece - Natural History

Baskin was one of the great illustrators of the late 20th Century.   He experimented with different medium and had his own publishing/printing company.

We just ran into this sweet little set - Leonard Baskin's Miniature Natural History

It was published by Pantheon in 1983.   It is comprised of four volumes in dust jackets, and with a protective slip case.

The volumes include

  • Seven Fish One Crab One Lobster & One Octopus
  • Insects
  • Domestic Animals
  • Extinct Creatures

The books measure about 4" square and are in near fine shape.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Barner Books Sign Returns to Church Street

Paul O'Connor a set designer at Vassar College has re-built the sign he crafted for Barner Books some years ago.  

The weather and time took it's tool on our iconic book, but Paul went to work and re-crafted the sign.   Today it hangs proudly on our Church Street store.

When hanging the sign Paul mentioned that he really likes making signs.   Who knows, maybe this will be the start of something in New Paltz.