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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World's Best Pencil - The Blackwing Arrives at Barner

For many years artists and people needing a high quality pencil sought out the Blackwing Pencil.
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Manufactured by Eberhard Faber the pencil was known for it's unique characteristics.   A very soft touch on the paper which resulted in nearly no effort expended to use it, and related, a very quick approach to writing and drawing.

Eberhard Faber stopped manufacturing the pencils some years ago.   Some enterprising people have been selling them in the after-market for as much as $35.00 (or more) a pencil.  People who find them are happy to pay it.

Purchase the World Class Blackwing 602 here!We're glad to be one of the first shops to carry the newly reintroduced Blackwing.   A California company purchased the name, always provided the wood, and found the unique leads that made the Blackwing what it became known for.

Take one for a spin---you wouldn't believe what a difference a pencil can make!


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