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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hudson Valley in the Civil War - Flags, History, Letters Home

We've been carrying the Hudson River Valley Review, a region study publication of Marist College.   Each issue is devoted to a different theme regarding the Hudson Valley.   This one, the Civil War.

Journal. New. Journal theme is the HRV in the Civil War. Illustrated with color images and maps. 

Articles include

  • The Civil War and the Transformation of the Hudson River Valley (Mark James Morreale) 
  • With Victory Perched upon their Eagles; Civil War Flags from the Sew York State Battle Flag Collection (Christopher Morton) 
  • All is Excitement and Anxiety Here; A New York Family's Experience of the Civil War (Diane Shewchuk) 
  • The West Point Education of the "Christian General"-Oliver Otis Howard 1850-1861 (Jonathan Howard Lawler) 
  • Rally 'round the flag ; - Frederic Edwin Church and the Civil War (Kevin Avery)
  • Letters Home - Carrie Niles' Correspondence with New York's Volunteers (Gail Goldsmith) 
  • A Labor of Love and Patriotism: - The Artistic and Historic Legacy of Albany; 's general Philip H. Sheridan Memorial (Valerie A. Balnit)

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