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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Antique Carmen Accordion Squeeze Box Art Deco Era

Beautiful Accordion by CARMEN


This accordion belonged to a gentleman who lives near our shop in New Paltz.  He's in his seventies and got this accordion as a gift about 65 years ago.  It was used when he received it.   We therefore estimate the age to be somewhere around 75 years old.

The accordion has been well cared for and we had a musician test it.

It is in good working condition with the exception of one sticking key. 

He indicated that this is a sweet and sultry sounding accordion, and probably built as a higher end learner's instrument.

It has a bar at the keyboard that is used to change reed tones.

The straps are after-market.

The instrument has:
  • 24 White Keys
  • 17 Black Keys
  • 120 Buttons (20 Rows of 6)

It is 18 1/2" Wide, 18" Long and 7"Deep.

The bellows all seem fine.

The face/grill of the accordion has some tape that seems to be holding down a couple of decorative pieces.

Velvet lined box, leather edges in very good condition, handle still present.

This is a beaut!   Great accordion for the collector, learner, or musician.

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