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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Flamingos Sneak into Mohonk for the Day

As you may know New Paltz has been taken by the Flamingo craze.

We at Barner Books are pleased to offer the pair of Flamingos for $12.50 (that's for two).

Our store flamingos recently had an adventure by visiting our Venerable neighbor--the Mohonk Mountain House.

Check out our slide show of the adventures of Huge (pronounced HUGEE) and Not.


  1. pink flamingo fundraiser is to pick the flamingo "board" which consists of a president whose job it will be to organize the event, which includes making announcements about the event to the church, charitable organization, school, or whoever will be on the donating side of the equation; a secretary to keep written notes on everything that goes on, who has been flocked and who has chosen to pay insurance to avoid a flocking (more on insurance later), and to write press releases to keep the buzz going

  2. Union Products closed in 2006, but the original molds for these classic pink
    1950’s icons were purchased and are being used to produce them once again.plastic flamingo flock These flamingos come in pairs - one with it’s head up and the other with it’s neck curved downward. They are bright pink full detail molded plastic with raised plastic eyes and painted beak.