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Monday, April 18, 2011

Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates Michael Stein NEW DVD

Our neighbor, Michael Stein, who owns and operates the Astanga Yoga Studio of New Paltz has developed a new DVD.

It is "Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates."

Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates
with Michael Stein
A full length DVD for students and teachers alike who would
like to get a clear understanding of the names, location,
and function of most major muscle groups in the body.
Each chapter covers a different part part of the body 
in detail and shows how you can tone and stretch these areas
using fundamental Yoga and Pilates postures no matter 
what your level of experience may be.
You will also learn why certain core muscles are more important
for overall health and postural support than the more commonly
known superficial muscles.   
Michael Stein is the Director of Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz. 
He has been practicing Hatha yoga for almost thirty years and has 
been teaching it for fifteen years. Michael's father, who taught 
yoga in New York City, first introduced him to the study of yoga 
at the Sivananda ashrams in the Bahamas and upstate New York.   
Through the years Michael has studied a wide range of disciplines including 
Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Sivananda, and Vinyasa Yoga.  
In 1994 he completed his teacher's certification at "Yoga Plus" 
in southern Crete. Since then he has taught at the Omega Institute 
as well as many Yoga studios in the upstate N.Y. area.          
Michael has led eight Yoga Teacher Training programs at his own 
studio and various types of workshops that all stress the relationship 
between Anatomy and Movement. 
Click here, on the image or the title for purchasing information

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