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Friday, April 29, 2011

Maine - Fighting Governor's View of Homogenized History


by Joseph Mulligan

Maine Governor Paul LePage has garnered public intrigue after ordering his Department of Labor to remove from its lobby Judy Taylor’s mural depicting that state's history of labor struggle, & this, in the midst of a heated legislative debate. This act of censoring pro-labor art brings to mind the destruction of Diego Rivera’s “Man at the Crossroads” at Rockefeller Center in 1934 – a piece which, incidentally, would later be recreated in Mexico City.

In Maine, a group of media artists known as BrokeFix, reacted to this decision on April 2, 2011 by obtaining a digital image of the mural &, as their online video shows, by projecting it onto the fa├žade of the capitol building in a stealth act of defiance. In keeping with the militant vocabulary of the Avant-garde, the name assigned to this act of political art is a “photo-bomb”. That it has been praised by progressives in the national media leads us to ask: in our increasingly polarized political climate, is this progressive art?

The issue here is (at least) double-sided. First, it highlights the spuriousness of the motives behind Governor LePage’s decision to order the removal of the mural precisely at the moment when the very issues of labor’s place in the state budget were being discussed at the legislative level. One need not venture far in this direction before it wreaks of rats. Yet there is also the question of how & to what extent BrokeFix’s projection of the mural image back onto the capitol building actually integrates itself into the political discourse to thereby alter the course of our political reality.

After carrying out their assault, BrokeFix members were interviewed by The Huffington Post, on the basis that their identities remain anonymous. In that interview, the group explained that they intended for the video to become “something of a springboard for more people to get out there & produce something. Anything." With impassioned & militant rhetoric, these artists have put a face on the faceless workers that Maine’s new budget will negatively affect; & they have done so without showing their own faces, out of fear that taking a public stance would put their individual well-being at risk.

They have realized this artistic & political performance with the hopes of inspiring other people to “produce something. Anything”. & here we must pause... Anything? Is this BrokeFix’s criterion of artistic & political production: Anything? I’m going to suppose it is, so that by meeting such a vague prerequisite, I can look forward to enjoying their support when I finish my ode an untied flip-flop or a eulogy for my 2008 federal taxes. Brokefix is not advocating the artistic production of “anything”, but what are we to make of their vagueness?

Later on in that same interview, members of BrokeFix argued, "The weight of futility that our society places upon the individual is a meaningless illusion that disappears as soon as you realize that your own two hands can lift it away. Power exists within you as soon as you choose to use it." BrokeFix seems to level a critique against the Governor for hiding the real & toiling existence of the worker by elevating the role of the individual. & this is a curious element among certain progressive movements to take note of in the United States: more than oppose, they rival.

In the explosion of the BrokeFix photo-bomb we do not hear the dialectics of the work of art, but see the projection of ecstatic temerity. This is the fear factor of our country. Here we have a group disagrees with the governor, but can only frightfully stammer out a rivaling critique of his actions, & in a state of excitement overcast by confusion, they take an stance in this issue the way a visitor from out of town, who hears the roar of a crowd in the distance, is drawn to a sporting event & inevitably ends up rooting for a team. Art that yields effective social & political change does more than simply reflect what the establishment turns a blind eye to & keeps from the public eye; it redefines the terms of the establishment’s legitimacy. That’s what the Egyptians just did.

Joseph Mulligan
April 22, 2011
New Paltz, NY

Joseph Mulligan is a New Paltz resident who, among other endeavors, writes for the Barner Books - blog.   While we at Barner Books really like his ideas, they are his own.   Read and enjoy his postings.   Joseph also has a blog known as The Smetling Process

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wanted - Used Books in Great Shape


We're looking for books by the following - or in the following subject areas.
Always looking for well cared for books (condition counts); Hardcovers in as issued condition (with dust jackets), unmarked trade paperbacks:
Books by the following

Philip K. Dick
Kurt Vonnegut
Hunter Thompson
Jack Kerouac
William Burroughs
Richard Brautigan
Chuck Palahniuk
Leonard Cohen
Stephen King
Charles Bukowski

Roald Dahl
Cormac McCarthy
Shel Silverstein
Maurice Sendak
Dr. Seuss
Shel Silverstein
Julian Wehr (with working animations)


Joseph Heller (Catch 22)
Salinger (Catcher in the Rye)

Topic Areas

New Paltz
Minnewaska Park and the site (Mountain House Hotels--Cliff House/Wildemere)
Mohonk Mountain House
Hudson River related items
Ulster County
Woodstock items
1960's era items/books
Hippie - Beat books
Field Guides - Audubon Nature; Sierra Club; Wilderness Society
Golden Nature Guides


NYRB - New York Review of Books (most titles)
Folio Society Books (most titles)
Easton Press
Franklin Library

Vintage and antique maps
Beat Poets

We have lots of areas we're interested in.-- just give us a call and we'll let you know if what you have works for us.

We also like literary related collectibles. Book ends, author statues, literary themed art etc.

Condition of the books is very important. No water damage, musty books, hardcovers without dust jackets (if they came that way) etc.
We can't use Encyclopedias/Reader's Digest/or books that are typically sold at Grocery Stores/Drug Stores

Call us at: 845-255-2635
Bring Books to the shop at

Barner Books
3 Church street
New Paltz, NY 12561

Mohonk Gunks Shawangunks Photos

Beautiful day, a bit overcast -- but nice enough to capture emerging spring in the mountains.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Edition JFK & RFK Kennedy Books .99

Check out our auction on eBay--see what 99 cents might win you!

Lot of 3 Mass Market First Edition about the Kennedys

1.  The Bobby Kennedy Nobody Knows; William Nicholas; Fawcett Gold Medal Book; 1967
2.  The Remarkable Kennedys; Joe McCarthy; Popular Library; 1960 (First paperback printing)
3.  A New Day; Robert F. Kennedy; Signet Special; 1968; First Printing

Books are in very good condition.   Clean, solid, unmarked save for a couple of notes on the title page of the "Bobby Kennedy Nobody Knows"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Travel Airstream Style

The Airstream Land Cruiser travel trailer is an American Original.

Travel in comfort with your living room behind you.   Airstream set the hallmark for quality travel trailers.  The book was published by the company in 2007 to celebrate their 75th Anniversary.

We were able to find a few copies of this out of print classic -- in new condition.

While they cost a fortune to pull behind you, they offered a comfortable travel plan for those who wanted to get somewhere and set up camp -- on their own terms.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Robert Kelly - Poet and Treasure of Hudson Valley

(Hudson Valley poet Robert Kelly will celebrate his 75th birthday and 50 years at Bard College in a Poetry Reading on April 21. The conference Logic of the World will be held on May 7 in New York City.)


By:  Joseph Mulligan, New Paltz

A ravenous reader would enjoy devouring, at length, the works of Robert Kelly, the way he or she would enjoy not only Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, but also his Democratic Vistas; not only Pound’s Cantos, but also his Guide to Kulchur; not only Williams’ Spring and All, but also In the American Grain... A broad survey of this sort leads beyond the poetic epidermis & into the nerve-center of that animal anima. The poetry of Robert Kelly appears before us as an indispensable corpus, an ongoing parade of corpulent volumes, a voluminous body for sure. As we look at it, we are no doubt met with much more writing than we are used to encountering when we read most contemporary poets from the United States (1). Added to the works in print, there is no shortage of Kelly media online.

However, the breadth of this corpus may seem daunting to a reader today, as it must have 30 years ago to Jed Rasula, after he read Spiritual Exercises & observed that “Kelly’s stature, like Whitman’s, is characteristically American in proportion to the embarrassment with which it is received. The work is vast, his ‘readers’ have not really read him, and his own often contradictory impulses cast him as a chameleon in an arena where pure bulk is not a simple substance but another arcanum” (2). Rasula, one of the few critics to recognize the significance of Kelly's poetry & evaluate it on a massive scale (3), reminds us just how stark the contrast is between Kelly & many of his contemporaries.

Kelly’s writing is ‘chameleonic’ neither by accident nor due to caprice. It does not concern itself with whether it appears ancient or modern. It is sanely disinterested in the state of poetry & devoted to measuring, in language & in spirit, that crucial tension between the drive toward & occultation of human understanding. That line from Heraclitus, that the logos likes to hide itself, seems to echo through this poetry. Rather than a report of discoveries, we are more likely to reach Kelly in the midst of his search, as we do in Finding the Measure, where he sings: “Finding the measure is finding the mantrum, / is finding the moon, as index of measure, / is finding the moon’s source [...] Style is death. / Finding the measure is finding / a freedom from that death, a way out, a movement / forward” (4). Style is death because style is the repetition of bad habits, because style is stasis & truncates real transformation into mere trend. The same search can be seen in the poem “Injune” where we read, “The gold / hides in the ground // the way tomorrow’s weather / hides in the air, // the way what I finally will know / hides in me now” (5).

The linkage of movement & meaning in tension gives birth to an aesthetic of longevity that has slit the throat of style in a venerable ritual. The winding syntactical knots in Song XXI, for example, transform into potency & simplicity in The Flowers of Unceasing Coincidence, thrust forward by an unforced lyrical sensibility: “pretend it is a ship / and what we feel / that’s so like moving / is a meaning / and what pitches is uncertainty and / what rolls is the sumptuous / pleasure of having a body to be in / while the ocean itself / captains your brief ears / and guides you to blue places” (6).

Kelly’s continual transformations confirm that this poet writes for his life, not for a living, & that he has done very well for himself. The result: a poetry of discovering, not discovery, a poetics of longevity. The healthy distance that Kelly has kept from stylistically cohesive schools has resulted in the uninhibited proliferation of an organic lyric. “A knowledge of the future”, we read in Mill of Particulars, “is what the close / study of written texts provides, / given a reader / wise with natural sympathy: // in some book is recorded / each thing will ever happen. // This is not style. / These words now / are part of your future / (not just that I’ll be there for breakfast) // & the least song / rimes with the end of the world” (7).

Joseph Mulligan
New Paltz, NY

(1) The following is a (likely incomplete) list of Robert Kelly’s published poetry: Armed Descent (1961), Her Body Against Time (1963), Round Dances (1964), Enstasy (1964), Lunes (1964), Lections (1965), Words in Service (1965), Weeks (1966), The Scorpions (1967), Song XXIV (1967), Devotions 1967), Twenty Poems (1967), Axon Drendron Tree (1967), Crooked Bridge Love Society (1967), A Joining (1967), Alpha (1968), Finding the Measure (1968), Sonnets (1968), Songs I-XXX (1968), The Common Shore (1968), A California Journal (1969), Kali Yuga (1970), Cities (1971), In Time (1971), Flesh Dream Book (1971), Ralegh (1972), The Pastorals (1972), Reading Her Notes (1972), The Tears of Edmund Burke (1973), The Mill of Particulars (1973), A Line of Sight (1974), The Loom (1975), Sixteen Odes (1976), The Lady Of (1977), The Convections (1978), Wheres (1978), The Book of Persephone (1978), The Cruise of the Pnyx (1979), Kill the Messenger Who Brings Bad News (1978), Sentence (1980), Spiritual Exercises (1981), The Alchemist to Mercury (1981), Mullberry Women (1982), Under Words (1983), Thor’s Thrush (1984), A Transparent Tree (1985), Not This Island Music (1987), Doctor of Silence (1988), Oahu (1988), Cat Scratch Fever (1990), Ariadne (1991), A Strange Market (1992), RED ACTIONS: Selected Poems 1960-1993 (1995), Lapis (2005), May Day (2007).
(2) From Jed Rasula’s review of Spiritual Exercises, in Sulphur 6, Vol. II. California Institute of Technology: Pasadena, 1983.
(3) See The Alchemist to Mercury: An Alternate Opus: Uncollected Poems 1960-1980, Robert Kelly. Ed. Jed Rasula. Richmond: North Atlantic Books, 1981; see also the essay “Medusa's Gaze: Deep Image, or Traveling in the Dark” in Modernism and Poetic Inspiration: The Shadow Mouth, Jed Rasula. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2009.
(4) In RED ACTIONS. Black Sparrow Press. Santa Rosa: 1995, 80.
(5) Ibid., 99.
(6) Ibid., 153-154
(7) Ibid., 289.

**** Joseph Mulligan, our neighbor and friend will be contributing articles to the Barner Books blog on a regular basis.   Sign up for updates to receive the latest announcements of the articles, or "Like" us on facebook to receive notification there. 

You may also enjoy visiting Joe's Blog -- Click here

Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates Michael Stein NEW DVD

Our neighbor, Michael Stein, who owns and operates the Astanga Yoga Studio of New Paltz has developed a new DVD.

It is "Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates."

Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates
with Michael Stein
A full length DVD for students and teachers alike who would
like to get a clear understanding of the names, location,
and function of most major muscle groups in the body.
Each chapter covers a different part part of the body 
in detail and shows how you can tone and stretch these areas
using fundamental Yoga and Pilates postures no matter 
what your level of experience may be.
You will also learn why certain core muscles are more important
for overall health and postural support than the more commonly
known superficial muscles.   
Michael Stein is the Director of Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz. 
He has been practicing Hatha yoga for almost thirty years and has 
been teaching it for fifteen years. Michael's father, who taught 
yoga in New York City, first introduced him to the study of yoga 
at the Sivananda ashrams in the Bahamas and upstate New York.   
Through the years Michael has studied a wide range of disciplines including 
Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Sivananda, and Vinyasa Yoga.  
In 1994 he completed his teacher's certification at "Yoga Plus" 
in southern Crete. Since then he has taught at the Omega Institute 
as well as many Yoga studios in the upstate N.Y. area.          
Michael has led eight Yoga Teacher Training programs at his own 
studio and various types of workshops that all stress the relationship 
between Anatomy and Movement. 
Click here, on the image or the title for purchasing information

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golden Specific Quck Cure Alchololism Drunkenness .99

Join the fun of our auction for this pamphlet and letter describing the Golden Specific Cure of Drunkenness.

It's an antique from 1899 and describes Dr. Haine's cure.   He was discredited by the American Medical Association (essentially as a quack).   

His efforts to sell his cure and help people beat this habit were a good example of pre-temperance efforts.
This set (the letter and pamphlet) are in very good collectible condition.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uncle Tom's Cabin 1852 First Edition .99

Uncle Tom's Cabin - 2 Volume Set

Author:  Harriet Beacher Stowe

Date of Publication:  1852

Publisher:  John Jewett & Company

First Edition:  Decorative Cloth "Gift Edition"

General Description

2 Volume set in decorative red cloth and gilt design. Volume I is numbered (on title page) as Sixtieth Thousand; Volume II is numbered Seventieth Thousand. Volume I has some wear at the head of the spine, and the gilt on both spines is slightly dull. Interiors are clean, unmarked and in near vg overall condition. Hinges and book is split in several places leaving some of the packets starting to loosen--repairable. There is a gift inscription in Volume II that is dated 1852.  Collectible set.

American Daguerreotypes Photography Book Classics

Daguerreotypes were a sophisticated form of early photography.  The photograph was taken and the plate processed.   The processed plate resulted in the actual photo.   It involved the skills of the photographer both at the time of the "shoot" as well as at the time of the processing.

The images taken were incredibly detailed and generally at much higher resolutions than we would typically use today.   

This art didn't last long, but the remaining dags are highly sought after by collectors.

The Smithsonian book about the subject is getting scarce in this condition - and quite valued by collectors.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tiny Pen PicoPen w PDA Smartphone Stylus Keychain

Looking for a functional and stylish pen that is actually small enough
to fit on your keychain? With the PicoPen, you can have a fine writing
instrument with you whenever you need one. At less than
3 inches long
and weighing under 1/4 ounce, you'll never know it's there until you
reach for it. Tough yet elegant, you'll get a lifetime of use from this
unique personal accessory. It's the keychain pen you can attach

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Unique magnetic cap closure for one-handed operation
  • Includes accessories for attaching to any number of convenient places
    • Keychain (included)
    • Travel bag
    • Purse
    • Golf bag
    • Belt loop
    • Backpack
  • Uses a common replaceable ink refill
  • Includes an interchangeable stylus tip for PDA use or credit/debit card terminals
  • Packaged in a tin presentation box, perfect for gift-giving

Designed by TEC Accessories and manufactured to our specific requirements, the PicoPen is the most unique product of its kind:

  • Size: Less than 3" long (including cap). Pen body is 3/16" in diameter
  • Weight: Less than 1/4 ounce
  • Cap and body are constructed of stainless steel for many years of use
  • Ink refill is a common "multi-pen" size available at your local stationary store (also available on our web site)
  • The cap contains a rare earth magnet that holds the pen in place. To remove the pen, simply pull it from the cap
  • Ink refill replacement is simple, pull it out from the pen body
    and push in the new one. The integrated micro grip insert holds the
    refill in place.
  • What you get:
    • PicoPen with ink refill
    • Snap ring for quick attachment/removal
    • 10mm split ring
    • Stainless steel wire rope keychain
    • PDA/stylus insert
    • Foam-lined tin presentation box
    • Warranty/info card

Rugged Handmade Leather Journals - A Family Portrait

We're pleased to introduce the latest member of our Handmade Rugged Paper and Leather Journals.

Each journal is made with top quality leather along with handmade, acid free paper.   They are designed to give years of service, with what you write staying just as you wrote it for generations.  The leather is soft and it is contourable.  So when you put it in your bag or pocket, it'll fit like it belongs!

The journals now are available in 3 different sizes:  3x4; 4x6; and, 6x8

They are ready for you!

Knitting Craft Book Lot .99 Auction

 Nice big lot of 5 Knitting Books

All books are in pristine - New Condition

Books Include

  • Mason-Dixon Knitting outside the Lines by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne; Hardcover with DJ; ISBN  978-0307-38170-5
  • Anticraft - Knitting Beading and Stitching for the slightly Sinister  by Renee Rigdon and Zabet Steward; Paperback; ISBN  1-60061-030-7
  • The Best of Interweave Knits by Ann Budd; Paperback; ISBN  1-59668-033-4
  • 26 Punk Knits by Share Ross; Paperback/sprial bind; 1-58479-583-2
  • Warm Fuzzies  30 Sweet Felted Projects;  Paperback; ISBN  1-60061-007-2

Wonderful Lot

Pete Seeger Signed - Where Have All The Flowers Gone

What a contribution Pete Seeger has made to this world.

He has spoken for freedom, care, love, and trying to live in harmony with the planet.   He did so before it was fashionable and he never wavered.

It is surprising that the Nobel prize hasn't come his way (yet).

This beautiful book is available.   Making it particularly special is that it's signed.

While in Pete's world everyone is a neighbor, I'm especially honored that we live just a short way from each other on the Hudson.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

NY Antiquarian Bookshow - Art Book

One of the first gems that greeted us as we came into the Armory for the Antiquarian Bookshow was this magnificent art book.   Done by  Bauderlaire, it is a series of paintings on wood boards.   Beautifully done, in rich colors, with each page forming a masterpiece.

It's hard to imagine anything like this show---aisle after aisle of some of the most beautiful and important books in the world.

I'll be back.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini Handmade Pocket Leather Journal

Our beautiful handmade leather journal 

Pocket Size at 3 x 4 makes it a great travel companion
Paper is acid free and paper free (linen) for a lasting surface

Planning your vacation - don't leave home without it!

Only $6.50 in the shop or online 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Handmade Pair Bike Bookends Bicycle

It's hard for me to imagine anything much better than books and bicycles.

Here they are combined in a wonderful and practical manner.

Bicycle Bookends!

The bookends are metal, handmade, and a rust color.   Very nice shape and a great gift for the biblio-cyclist.

Beverly Lewis Lot Christian Lit .99

Nice lot of Beverly Lewis Books up for sale on eBay.

Annie's People

Author:  Beverly Lewis

Very good condition.   Some light cover wear and corner bumps, but very nice reading copies


Books Include

  • The Preacher's Daughter - Book 1;  ISBN 0764201050
  • The Englisher - Book 2;  ISBN  0746201069
  • The Brethren - Book 3;  ISBN  0764201077 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Trout, Salmon, and Fly Fishing in Catskills

Lot of Three Fly Fishing Books


All written by John Mordock

Wonderful lot of books

Books include

  • Northeast Trout, Salmon, & Steelhead Streams - Every River Has a Story; ISBN  1571883118
  • Fly Fishing Two Story Lakes and Reservoirs Capturing Salmon, Trout and Other Sport Fish Throughout the Angling Season;  ISBN  978-1-57776-911-5
  • Fly Fishing Strategies for On-The-Water Challenges - 180 Tips from a Third Generation Angler; ISBN 97801058776-907-8