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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moby Dick Melville and Rockwell Kent Classic

Moby Dick has been considered the first of the great American Novels.  Early editions are treasured by collectors, and it is one of the most collected titles.

It has appeared in numerous editions, with the most famous of these being the Rockwell Kent illustrated version.   The first Kent edition came out in the 1930's through the Lakeside Press in three volumes -- it was a limited edition, and now has become a treasured collectible, priced at over 10,000 when complete and in excellent condition.  

Shortly after that publication came the Random House version in 1930.   It too remains a highly sought after book.

An interesting collaboration that was done especially well is the 2 volume set by the Franklin Library in 1980.   Designed as a collectible it is leather bound featuring the Rockwell Kent illustrations.

A wonderful set -- very desirable

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