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Friday, January 28, 2011

Handmade Jounals Make Valentines Presents of Note

Our beautiful Journals are ready for Valentine's Day.

Limited Edition Pink Journals are available at the store or online for $6.50 each.   They are 3x4 and have a brass clasp.   The paper is acid free, and the edges of the journals are laced.

A beautiful gift for Valentines or any other occasion, and will leave you with enough money for the Roses!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hemingway - Rose Edition of Farewell to Arms

Hemingway's 2nd novel - "A Farewell to Arms" is an American Work of Art.   It's come out in numerous editions.

The Franklin Library Edition is one of the most desirable of the collectible editions of the book.   It features a leather binding, with a gilt rose and barbed wire design on the cover.   The beautiful reddish leather boards are offset by the gilt used.

It's a statement about the craft of book-making and certainly the art of writing.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tokyo Photos without People - Rare

Tokyo--one of the world's largest cities.   This book, "Tokyo Nobody" is a wonderful book of shots of Tokyo--the only thing missing are the people.

It's hard to imagine Tokyo without its teaming millions.   But this book has 80 some scenes from the city, and there is nary a person to be found.  It's strange and ads to the complexity of feeling about the place.

Love affair with Cars - Made in USA

We're an interesting people.

Invented the car and the culture that necessitates it, and celebrate it as a work of art and a lifestyle--because it is.

The book "Hot Rod" is a fine testimony to the affair and paints the picture graphically of the car in our lives.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Elephant Watering Can - USA Made

Sweet Elephant Watering Can

2 QT Capacity

Made in the USA

Fills at the top and pours from the long trunk.
A great watering can and collectible!
Blow molds from the original 1950s molds produced in the USA; from the
same company that brought you the first pink flamingo yard ornaments.
Still retains that true vintage look and good quality. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rolling Stone - A History - Cover to Cover

The Rolling Stone Magazine has an illustrious history - 40 years on the cutting edge of the pop culture

We have it available at the shop, and online.  

A great tour-de-force of modern-pop-history!


Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Rolling Stone stoked the imagination of America's social revolutionaries and fueled the careers of brilliant writers like Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, Joe Klein, Cameron Crowe, P.J. O'Rourke and visionary photographers including Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger and Baron Wolman.
Rolling Stone Cover to Cover is a backstage pass to four decades of popular culture--a DVD ROM-based, searchable digital archive of every issue of Rolling Stone magazine from 1967 to 2007. Browse issues 1 through 1026 – over 98,000 searchable pages, exactly as they first appeared in print--every story, review, interview and even every ad.
This exclusive box set also comes with a photo-filled, 208–page page companion coffee table book providing a vivid behind-the-scenes look at the magazines history, from birth to today and includes a bonus one-year subscription to Rolling Stone (a $12.95 value). See certificate inside package for offer and rebate details.
The product includes the Bondi Reader, powerful MAC or PC browsing software that allows you to explore, search and view every page, and to arrange and save multiple reading lists. The ultimate pop culture reference tool, this essential collection is a must-have for all music fans, political junkies, nostalgia buffs and collectors.

Times Square NYC - the 1930's

One of the most famous "downtowns" in the world is Times Square.   

We just got a post card book from the 1930's (my estimate).   It's a fold-out style post card book and features scenes from the city.  The Library, Times Square, the Chrysler Building and more.

It's remarkable to take a look back.

There was something especially endearing about the deco-era.   They paid attention to design and putting a shine on.

FIREFIGHTERS Gloves NFPA Rated on Sale


NFPA Rated Fire Gloves - Heavy Duty

$18.00 per pair - buy 6 or more and the shipping is on us!

Leather Firefighters Gloves - Full Featured and Rated

We are able to offer these top quality prices at below wholesale pricing

Manufactured by:  Swany

Rating:  Each glove is tagged with the UL and NFPA 1971-2000 Rating tag
  • Shell:  Leather Suede Shells
  • Hipora Waterproof/Windproof and Breathable Insert
  • Made with Thermoregulating Material
  • Patented Knuckle Joints for Comfort and Dexterity

Sizes Available:  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Ordering Sizes:  Please include Size Request with your purchase or with a separate e-mail.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Latest Issue of Hudson Valley Literary Journal - Awosting Alchemy

The "Awosting Alchemy" is fresh on-the-internet.

The Journal, a new Hudson Valley upstart, is a local driven Arts and literary magazine.  We at Barner are pleased to be providing support to the magazine.  

It's an admirable effort and a wonderful statement about the talent in our area.

Read it and enjoy!!!

Maureen Cummins and Barner Books Letterpress

We're thrilled to have Maureen Cummins join us to provide letterpress services to our community.

Maureen is a well known book artist and letterpress operator who lives in the Hudson Valley.   She has assisted Barner Books with restoration services on books including rebinding and conservation services.   She recently had an exhibit of her book art at Ulster Community College.

Barner Books is pleased to assist customers interested in Maureen's letterpress and book services.   Contact the store (845.255.2635) for further information.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memorial to Kennedy Signed by Ben Shahn & Wendell Berry

November Twenty Six Nineteen Hundred Sixty Three was the date of JFK's Funeral.   He was assassinated on November 22.   Wendell Berry, who was an up and coming poet, and this was Ben Shahn (noted 20th Century artist).   It's a beautiful effort and this book is a limited edition, signed by both, and this specific copy is in near perfect condition.   A lasting tribute.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dragon Girl by Gotleib - Bookstore Chic

Stop on by and see the Girl Riding the Dragon at Barner Books - she's right behind the counter, and waiting to graciously serve you.  

This is a back-glass from a pinball machine--we had it framed up the street by Rhinebeck Artist's shop.  Tedd recently got some lights so it shows up in it's intended glory.  The glass is from the 70's.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

R. Crumb - Prolific Author and Graphic Novelist

R. Crumb has had a long career as a graphic novelist.  The Handbook is a quality  production outlining a history of Crumb's works and presenting new material as well.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bob Dylan in Sing Out! 1962 Blowin' in the Wind

Sing Out! Magazine is a long staple of the folk singing community.

Early on they introduced Dylan in the magazine.   In the October-November issue Dylan was the cover story of the magazine.  "Blowin in the Wind" was one of the songs featured as well as an interview.

It's amazing to think that Dylan's career has spanned 50 years -- and he keeps going.

Journal to Go! Handstitched leather with a Pen Closure

Handmade Leather Journal with Stitched Edging and Pen Closure

Brown Leather

Pocket for Pen which holds Journal Closed

Size:  6" x 8"

Acid Free Paper

100 sheets/200 pages (unlined/white linen)

Perfect for people on the go -- will accommodate typical sized pens

Elephant Watering Can - US Made - 2 QT

Sweet Elephant Watering Can

2 QT Capacity

Made in the USA

Fills at the top and pours from the long nose.

A great watering can and collectible!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Celtic Design Tree of Life Journal - Green

One of our most popular items is the Celtic Tree of Life Journal.

Made with handmade paper and a beautiful Tree of Life on the cover this journal is a constant source of inspiration.

We offer the journal in the traditional brown as well as the green.

Steinbeck 1st Edition - Cannery Road - BCE

One of Steinbeck's great works was Cannery Road.

Published near the end of 1945 the book was a quick success.

First Editions by Steinbeck are very desirable, particularly in dust jackets.   This is a first, but a Book Club Edition.   It's collectible and for the person just starting to explore book collecting of American Firsts, it's a great way to start/add to a collection.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hippie Papers - A 60's Tell All book

One of the unique times in our country's history.

Young people decided to change the world and the representation of it during those times was the hippie movement.

This book tells part of the story and was written at the time.   Long out of print we're always trying to make sure we keep a couple in stock.

Civil War Era Love Letter Book & Advertisements

Interesting Civil War era book (1873) on writing love letters.

The book is filled with sample love letters to cover a wide range of situations.

It also has advertisements in the front and the rear regarding products, and is quite indicative of the times.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentines Day Special - Handmade Pink 3x4 Journal

Handmade Leather Journal

Special Holiday Version - PINK - Limited edition

Size:  3" x 4"

100 sheets/200 surfaces

Acid Free Paper (linen)

Brass Clasp

Writers. poets, and notetakers delight - New 6x8 Journal

Click the title or the picture to learn more!

Beautiful Handmade Leather Journal

Hand-stitched edges

Brown quality leather, soft and supple

Size:  6x8


Paper is acid free

Pages:  About 140

Sunday, January 9, 2011

6x8 Handmade Stunning Leather Journal

Beautiful leather journal.  6x8 sized in handmade leather with acid free pages.   Will be an inspirational addition to your desktop or bag.

Click the title or picture to go to our website to see more!


Victorinox Cybertool - Bookseller's Knife

Looking for a terrific knife?  I find this the perfect knife to keep handy at the shop and on the road (I keep it in my camera bag).  If's got the tools needed to do just about anything on the road, and some that are very useful for doing some technical work on equipment.  Don't leave home without it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bookseller's Magnifying Glass - with 8 LED Lights

One of our top items over the past few years has been an aluminum magnifying glass with 8 LED lights.  The magnifier comes in a case, with batteries, and is ideal for hobbyists and booksellers.   A necessary tool of the trade.

Click on the title or here  to go right to our website on

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Italian Majolica 17" Plant Tray - Oversized Display

Now available at Barner Books or click the title to go to the site.

Beautiful Majolica Plant Display Tray  - In the Grand Style of a Couch


Floral Motif

Condition:  Excellent

Measurements:  17" Long; Tray is 4 1/2" Deep   Back Height  7"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

16" x 20" Artists Sketchbook with Handmade Paper and USA Bound

CLICK THE TITLE to order and see it in our shop at

Handmade Leather Sketchbook

16" x 20" with acid free, paper free, linen/paper


  • Paper is Handmade in India to our specifications - top quality paper
  • 56 sheets (112 surfaces)
  • Ideal for paints, watercolors, inks, sketching etc
  • Rough Edge paper
  • USA Leather (raised and tanned), which was hand tied and bound
  • Leather lace ties
  • Can be rolled up for storage/to fit in a back pack
  • Limited edition

Handmade Buffalo Leather Journal with Inlaid Dragonfly Design - Limited

Magnificent handmade buffalo leather journal.  280 pages of acid free paper in a buffalo leather binding with a Courtney Davis designed Dragonfly inlay.  A limited edition piece, and available online only from Barner Books!

Just In - 4x6 Handmade Leather Embossed Journals

Just in:  Beautiful Handmade Embossed journals.  4x6 with a braided leather lace edge.  Plenty of paper for lots of notes on the new year.   An exquisite journal for the New Year!  Click on the title to check it out!

The Gibson Girls - Prints from 1896

We have a decent collection of Gibson Girl Prints available at the shop (Barner Books) or online - specifically on ebay and soon they'll be on our Barner Books Site as well.   To see our current listings just click the title of this post--it'll take you right over.

These prints are from a first edition that we recently uncovered and are a great study of personality -- and of course art.