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Monday, September 18, 2017

Ms. Magazine Rare First Issue - Spring 1972 Preview Issue

Front Cover of the Preview Issue

Ms. Magazine 

The magazine commenced publication in 1972.   It started as a monthly in July 1972.   

The preview issue (as shown) came out in Spring of 1972, cosequently it is often overlooked as it did not have a volume or issue number.

Publisher:  Majority Enterprises
Elizabether Forsling Harris

President:  Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem on Sisterhood
Letty Pogrebin:  On Raising Kids without Sex Roles
Sylvia Plath's Last Major Work
Women Tell the Truth aboutTheir Abortions
Jane O'Reilly on the Housewife's Moment of Truth

Table of contents

Featured in the magazine was a section entitled:  Marcia and MarviBoys and Girls, Girls and Boys, by Eve Marriam.  It was a detachable illustrated children's story (excerpted from the then forthcoming book.

Back Cover - Preview Issue

Available for purchase:   CLICK HERE

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Lengendary Blackwing - Limited Edition Only Available From Us!!!

The Blackwing 530

Sometimes it's not just books that go out of print!

Our friends at the Califronia Pencil company build a great pencil - the Blackwing.  It has a legnedary history as it was always a low production, top quality, wood cased pencil.  Steinbeck, Frank Lloyd Wright, Stephen Sondheim, and Chuck Jones were among the adherents.  The pencil has developed a loyal following and fan base, it's present incarnation has kept the excitement going.

As part of building a unique pencil the company has started issueing certain pencils in a limited edition.   The Volume Series.

We're glad to the only retailer around that still has some of those limited edition sets.  Each boxed set contains 12 pencils and the packaging is about as delightful as the pencil itself.

The BLACKWING Volume 530 which is a celebration of the California Gold Rush.

The company has been making efforts to celebrate history as well as writing with their pencils.   They even make donations to art and literacy based on sales.

So this the Eureka! I've found it pencil.   Now not easy to find, unless you come to the right place -- like ours

You can pick up a box or two at the shop in New Paltz, or call us to order over the phone (845-255-2635) or order directly from our webpage by 

Barner Books Blackwing Collection

Visit our BLACKWING Collection
for a wide selection of Blackwing Pencils

Monday, June 26, 2017

Bookstore Magic - a call for experiences

Magic In the Bookshop - and ongoing series

Those of us who work the shelves in used bookstores are often in a place where we experience magic.  The most typical of this occurs when a customer comes in looking for a specific title,  and sadly we don't have it.   But alas, following on said customer's heels is a person selling us that self same title.   It happens enough to be more than random, albeit unpredicatable.

It occurs to me that documenting some of these bookstore enchantments might be both entertaining as well as keeping the potential for magic in the air.

If you are inspired, or have examples of bookstore magic to share, feel free to do so.   We'll be happy to share the experience.

L.C. Smith Corona Typewriter
August 20, 2017

Books/Typewriters - it's all about the magic!

Sometimes it's not just the books!

A customer was in talking to me about typewriters.   His son joined in the conversation, and it turns out that he actually has started a collection of typewriters.  He even shared some Tom Hanks (avid typewriter collector) stories.

It was a fun conversation, but the magic happened when Kevin, our typewriter repair person, stopped by with a couple of typewriters that he had just finished working on.   Kevin's shop is in a nearby town, and we never really know when he's going to show up.  Somehow or other the universe put together the conversation and his visit!

He brought back a vintage Remington that needed attention, and now is a fine working typewriter.

Medallion on the '32 
I showed our typewriter aficionados that very typewriter -- and as magic would have it, our two recent additions became one.   The vintage Remington is now off to a new home.   The L. C. Smith Corona shown above is a gem.  Kevin has restored it to near showroom prime!   A unique feature on this machine is the company medallion on the top.  It helps date the machine (along with the serial number) to 1932.  

So the the L. C. Smith Corona joins others in the shop -- plenty of magic left in the air!

If you happen to be interested in the Smith Corona---we do have it available on line as well - Click here

June 21, 201

A customer came in with a variety of art books to sell.  Some catalogs, some books, and a rather interesting assortment.   Among the lot was a French Fold Folio style book of photographs.  The plates were intriguing and definitely showed a unique photographic style.   Typically, even on difficult to figure out books we often have some clue to help us in our pursuit.   Nothing on this one.   As I lamented the issue to the seller, another customer walked by and realized what was going on.
She quickly announced the she could read Cyrillic letters and offered to transliterate.   With those clues, we fairly quickly found out that the Photographer was Sergey Ivanov-Alliluyev, a noted Russian Photographer.   It was only a short matter of time that we had the bibliographic information on the piece and could make a rather informed decision on whether it warranted us purchasing it.

Sometimes it's magic in the air, but sometimes it's the magic of the time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Woodstock '69 Original Arts Festival Program

Woodstock Music and Art Fair (1969)

Front Cover of Program

Original Festival Program 

Published to be given away to Festival Participants.  Very few of them made it into the hands of participants.
Publisher:  Concert Hall Publications, Incorporated
Pages;  58 Pages
Michael Lang:  Executive Producer of the Festival

Photography Credits:  Elliot Landy

Mike Somerson - Cover & Joan Baez Photos

Festival Title Page
Pages devoted to the groups performing at the event, as well as some poems and philosophical remarks.   Advertising inside was primarilly for records, although there was an interesting RCA ad about the "Jefferson Airplane"
Aquarian Exposition - translucent page-Title 

RCA Statement on Jefferson Airplane


Cover Photo - 3 Days of Peace & Music
Aquarian Exposition
Woodstock Music &Art Fair
Poem and Narrative by Paul WIlliams
Advertisemen - 28 Concerned Record Artists
Elektra Records Advertisement
RCA Statement on Jefferson Airplane
Joan Baez Page
Canned Heat
Crosby Stills & Nash
Credence Clearwater
Paint - by Richie Havens
Janis Joplin - two page spread
Ravi Shankar
The Who
Bert Sommer
Grateful Dead
Blood Sweat and Tears
Jeff Beck
Poppy C. v. d. P.
The Band
Credence Clearwater
Sly and the Family Stone
Sweetwater/Ten Years After
The Greatful Dead - double page

Jimi Hendrix
Iron Butterfly
Concert Hall -Publication Ad/Fathers & Sons advertisement
Jimi Hendrix
Dustbowl Brooklyn anarch
The Hard Rain' Fallin, on two pages:  Abie Hoffman
Woodstock Ventures - Concert Developers
Joe Cocker - with a Little Help From My Friends
Joe Cocker/Johhny Winter
Incredible String Band
Jefferson Airplane - Paper Airplane building page
Santana et all - double page
Confessions of a Record Company Exec (double page) by Stan Cornyn
Ravi Shankar Page
Stan Cornyn continuation of "Confessions" (total of 3 pages)
Joan Baez ad from Vanguard
"Love"  Poem by Political Prisoner John Sinclair
WRKO Boston - full page radio ad
Woodstock Ventures - list of staff and management on translucent paper

To inquire about  purchasing this item call us (845-255-2635) or purchase online by clicking here  CLICK HERE

Monday, July 11, 2016

Artist Homage to A Landlady - Dudzinski

Andrzej DudziƄski

ISBN:  8322106726

Published by:  Wydawnictwa Artystyczne i Filowe Ltd., Warsaw, 1996/ M.M. Art Books in New York, 1996

An Autobiographical work by the Artist featuring his thoughts and art.

Dated (Dec 1st, 1997) and signed by the artist.

UNIQUELY, this specific book features the artists homage and thanks to one Mrs. Milton.

He writes. . . 

10th Anniversary of Our Move next door.

Dear Mrs. Milton:  The was the best move we ever made!  To the best Landlady in NYC.

A rather unique sketch depicting the move.  It is a rarity to find someone reaching out and thanking a landlord - particularly in New York where landlord tenant relations are often seen as less than harmonious.  

 The book was printed by a small publisher, and we were struct by the artistic prospectus that was enclosed with the book, used to promote it.   It is certainly in keeping with the artists well known approach to art and commentary, and is a unique addition to an already rare and desirable rendition.

IF interested in purchasing the book (the only one like it).  CLICK HERE

Monday, July 4, 2016

Little Donny Trump - Political Parody for Kids

Little Donny Trump Needs a Nap

Written & Illustrated By:  Matt Maley

With Quotes and References:  Donald J. Trump

ISBN  9780692741207


A "Children's" book that is a political parody of the Presumptive Republican Nominee and his bombastic manner.

Maley, a New Paltz artist, illustrates and writes this short book using topics that Trump has brought into the election.   In the rear of the book Maley provides a section of direct quotes from Trump.

Win or loose, Mr. Trump's campaign for the highest office in the land (and world) will be studied for decades.  It is unlike anything that has occurred in this country before - sadly though it has the feel of campaigns that have occurred elsewhere.

Trump, through his outlandish outbursts and style has captivated some by being forthright and be "un-politically" correct.   He seems to have tapped into the anger of some who feel that the "establishment" has left them behind.  

Ironically, his targets are often people who have struggled to gain acceptance and rights, and for who the American dream was not within reach. His approach has been to touch cords in people who feel that they have been neglected or passed over.

Trump's approach has seemed to center on making strong statements that defy conventional wisdom and understanding, and making them repeatedly and strongly enough that they ultimately become accepted as legitimate.  Few of his statements are seen as leading to reasonable policy decisions for the future of the country nor are they construed as having sufficient substance to actually understand what the statements really suggest.  

He has been able to reverse, accept, and deny his statements in the same sentence.   His statements, because they are so out of the norm have been given a significant amount of press coverage simply because of the bizarre nature of what he has said and done.   For a fair amount of time during the primaries the other Republican nominees did not want to engage in a campaign that was so filled with personal attacks and assaults which resulted in Trump being perceived as strong and willing to speak his mind.  Further, the press, at least during the early days of the campaign tended to view his campaign as a fluke and a publicity stunt that would soon dissolve. 

His approach seems to have put the Republican party in complete disarray as it  has left a leadership vacuum, with many Republican elected officials unclear of how to handle the "Trump" question.  Many are in fear of being too closely aligned with concepts and ideas that he has presented for fear that by doing so they will alienate their constituency.   

This small book will serve as a humorous compilation of some of the approach of Trump. 

It is available from our website - click here  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's Cool Inside - Yes Indeed

Sure, the summer is upon us and we've got our air-conditioning on!   Our shop is wind and solar powered, and so we can say it's cool inside but we're doing our best to move away from carbon fuels.  

It used to be something special that a place would be air-conditioned.   In fact, one of our most famous area residents, the Late President Roosevelt, had a distrust of air-conditioning.  But he probably would have been a fan of the shop.

The Carousel horse is hand-carved  and in our gift department.   

Beautiful leather bound books (from Franklin Library and Easton Press) along with decorative bindings are set off by our Cavallini Posters - which are perfect for decorating dorm rooms as well as for art projects.  You'll see our use of them throughout the shop.
Located just on the other side of the Hudson River from Roosevelt's Hyde Park Home (Dutchess County).   Ulster County is the home of several bookstores, in fact right across the street from ours is another, and our street is the home to 2 (YES TWO) chocolate shops, a couple of restaurants and right below us, is a great record shop, but fear not, there's another within steps on New Paltz's Main Street.

Cool is, and has been, something else.   The sign at the top of the blog - heralding "IT's COOL INSIDE" is now quite uncommon.   That's everyday stuff, but visitors to our shop comment about the cool books, and really like the space.

If you find us online and haven't made your way to our physical shop, you  don't get the full experience.   So we wanted to the blog to give you a taste of it!

Our rarebook area features Barrister Bookcases.   These are the classics made by Globe Wernicke.   We got them, at the same time as we picked up the carousel horse, from a woman moving to spend time with her daughter who moved to the UK.  She was amazing--in her 80's she picked up and moved the cases into the truck as she did with the horse. 

Pull up a chair and read to your hearts content.   Enjoy checking out the books, or even typing on one of our vintage typewriters -- including:

The Hermes 3000 - which has the reputation of being the Best typewriter every made -- just ask Jack Kerouac (if you could) or Larry McMurty about that machine.

Our duo-tone is beautiful to see and is a piece of functional art from the art-deco age.

Visitors to the shop are greeted by our Zebra - perhaps the only bookshop to have a store zebra.  It's incredible how many kids come into the shop and reach over and give the zebra a hug.  Always patient and steadfast.  

The Zebra has lots of friends - A Rhino, The Horse, A Huge Frog, Cast Iron Pig and check out the register for a collection of teeny tiny critters.

 We feature handmade leather journals and bags.   We've been importing them from India for sometime now and are treasured as gifts - for anyone including yourself.   The Indians who make these journals are not the same of course as the Native American who also greets our customers near the New York section of the shop, which is one of our specialties.  

Barner Books has been around for about 30 years,   Started by Jim Barner who was a writer, traveler and book lover we treasure our traditions.   The bust looks a little like Jim, but if you know who it is, we'd sure like to hear from you (we'd like to even if you don't!!).

If you make it into New Paltz, located in the lower Catskills, be sure to stop on by.   We're one of the Cool places -- and yes, on hot days it's especially true!!!

When in New Paltz (exit 18 on the New York Thruway) you might also enjoy:

  • The Mohonk Preserve located in the Shawangunks Ridge
  • The Mohonk Mountain House
  • Minnewaska State Park
  • The Gunks - Featuring World Class Climbing
  • Miles of Bike Trails - and more coming
  • Incredible views
  • The State University of New York - New Paltz Campus
  • Huegonot Street - New Paltz's founders came here for religious freedom and to start a new life -- the arrived in 1678, making this New Paltz street one of the Oldest in the USA.
  • Walkway over the Hudson is about 5 Miles away and is a State Park pedestrian bridge 250' above the Hudson River!